Data Protection – Solid State Drives at Rest (PDF 209K)

This document is intended to provide users of Xerox® products equipped with solid-state storage media, accurate information to help them evaluate security risks associated with image data (data at rest) contained on these devices.


Hard Drive Retention Offering and Equipment Returns for Products in the US (PDF 297.1K)

Xerox has a very comprehensive process in place to protect customer data on Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Drives (SSD) when equipment is returned to Xerox at the end of lease or other reasons. For customers that wish to manage the destruction of their device HDD/SSD, Xerox provides a Hard Drive Retention Offering.

Windows 7 End of Security Updates What You Need To Know (PDF 162.9K)

This document provides users of Xerox products and solutions with the necessary information to help evaluate and manage risks associated with Microsoft Corporation’s announcement, via Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle policy, that it will be ending support for Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded Systems Operating System (FES) running on Xerox products with EFI Fiery digital front ends (DFEs) on January 14, 2020

Hard Drive Retention Offering for Products in Europe

Industry and customer requirements continue to put a premium on information security. With an increasing number of devices containing hard drives, customers require more choices to manage sensitive information on a Xerox® device hard drive. Please select your required language for more information on the hard drive retention offering for your country.


Xerox Remote Services Security White Paper v2.0 (PDF 501.6K)

Description of system components, interoperability, and features available for securing Xerox Remote Services within Xerox products. It is intended to serve as a guide for deploying Xerox Remote Services within a network environment

Microsoft Windows XP End of Support: What You Need to Know V1.1 (PDF 203.3K)

This document details the Xerox Products affected by both the End Of Life of Microsoft Windows XP on standalone Digital Front Ends (EFI FIERY AND CREO) and Microsoft Windows XPe (XP embedded) controllers on CF devices.

Vulnerability Management and Disclosure Policy (PDF 204.2K)

This document details the process and policy used in discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities in Xerox and open source software. The new release is to allow for re-branding of the document.

User Guide For FFPS Software Update Manager Oct 2014 v1.0 (PDF 941.5K)

Shellshock Security Patch for X86
Guide for Using the FFPS Update Manager
October 2014
Version 1.0

On Sept 25th, media sources announced security vulnerabilities in the Bash shell software (aka Shellshock). Understandably, Xerox customers are concerned about these vulnerabilities.

Unix and Unix-derived systems like Linux and Mac OS X are vulnerable to these attacks since they use Bash as the default command shell. The FreeFlow Print Server (FFPS) includes the Solaris Operating System, which is potentially affected since it includes the Bash shell.

A document addressing this vulnerability and describing a tool for updating FreeFlow Print Server has been posted to the Xerox Security Site.

Xerox and Cisco Partnership Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 1.6M)

Xerox has received questions about the partnership between Xerox and Cisco and the security features this will add to Xerox products. We have compiled these questions and answers into a document. It can be accessed here.