Xerox Security Bulletin XRX13-008 v1.0 (PDF 82.3K)

Software Release to Eliminate Unauthorized Access

Note: This bulletin has been re-issued to correct a typographical error in the URL string for one of the product ZIP files.

The Xerox products ColorQube 9201/9202/9203, WorkCentre 6400, WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556, and WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775 contain code for implementing a remote protocol that could be exploited to gain unauthorized access to the device.

The software release indicated in the bulletin will perform the following action: Remove the affected code that unintentionally created the unauthorized access potential.

A software release for the products listed has been provided. This release is designed to be installed by the customer. The software release is contained in a zip file and can be accessed via the links in this bulletin announcement or on the Security Bulletins page.

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX12-005 V1.1 (PDF 103.3K)

The Xerox devices ColorQube® 9201/9202/9203, ColorQube® 9301/9302/9303, WorkCentre® 232/238/245/255/265/275, WorkCentre® 5030/5050, WorkCentre® 5135/5150, WorkCentre® 5632/5638/5645/5655/5665/5675/5687, WorkCentre® 5735/5740/5745/5755/5765/5775/5790, WorkCentre® 6400, WorkCentre® 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556, WorkCentre® 7655/7665/7675, WorkCentre® 7755/7765/7775, WorkCentre® Bookmark 40/55, WorkCentre Pro® 232/238/245/255/265/275 were shipped with certain protocols enabled that, if properly exploited, could be used to gain unauthorized access to the system. These particular protocols should not have been present in the production configuration and need to be removed from that configuration to minimize the possibility of unauthorized system access.

A software solution (patch P49) is provided for the products listed. This solution will remove from the production configuration the unwanted protocols in question so they can’t be exploited to gain unauthorized access to the system.

This solution is designed to be installed by the customer. The software solution is compressed into a 3 KB zip file and can be accessed via the link below or via the link following this bulletin announcement on the Xerox Security Site.

Software available through this link:

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX13-002 v1.0 (PDF 57.9K)

Cumulative update for Common Criteria Certification System Software Version for the ColorQube 9201/9202/9203 models is a cumulative update that incorporates security vulnerability fixes up through 06 Jan 2012 as well as other non-security related defect fixes. This release is Common Criteria certified.

This system software release for the products listed below is designed to be installed by the customer. Please follow the procedures in the bulletin to install the solution. This system software version is a full system release so the patch criticality rating is not applicable.

The software release is compressed into a 441.3 MB zip file and can be accessed via the link below or via the link following this bulletin announcement on the Xerox Security Site.

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX12-003 v1.1 (PDF 185.5K)

NOTE: We are re-issuing this bulletin due to a spelling error of the name of one of the researchers. No technical content in the bulletin has changed.

Vulnerabilities exist that, if exploited, could allow remote attackers to insert arbitrary code into the device. This could occur with a specifically crafted Postscript or firmware job submitted to the device. If successful, an attacker could make unauthorized changes to the system configuration; however, customer and user passwords are not exposed.

As part of Xerox’s on-going efforts to protect customers, the ability to accept these specially crafted jobs can be disabled for the affected products listed in the bulletin. Links for the software needed are contained inside the bulletin.

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX10-002 (PDF 113K)

Original Release January 22, 2010 Vulnerabilities exist in the Network Controller and Web Server of the WorkCentre 5632/5638/5645/5655/5665/5675/5687, WorkCentre 5030/5050, WorkCentre 5135/5150, WorkCentre 6400, WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675, WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775, WorkCentre/WorkCentre Pro 232/238/245/255/265/275 and ColorQube 9201/9202/9203 products. If exploited these vulnerabilities could permit an attacker to either bypass Scan to Mailbox authorization to access mailboxes stored on the device or bypass web server authorization to view device configuration settings. Customer and user passwords are not exposed.

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX09-003 (PDF 82.9K)

Second Release September 29, 2009 Original Release August 28, 2009 A vulnerability exists in the web servers of the WorkCentre 5030/5050, the WorkCentre 5135/5150, the WorkCentre 5632/5638/5645/5655/5665/5675/5687, the WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675, the WorkCentre 6400, and the ColorQube 9201/9202/9203. If exploited when SSL is not enabled on the device, the vulnerability could allow remote attackers to obtain unauthorized access to device configuration settings, possibly exposing customer passwords

NOTE: The original version of the P39 patch required a manual reboot after installation. This version of the patch automatically performs a re-boot upon installation.

Common Criteria Certification of the ColorQube 9201/9202/9203

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