Guidance on a cybersecure and safe return to the office

Guidance on a cybersecure and safe return to the office
Security in the work environment is always critical – perhaps now more than ever. As employees begin returning to the office, revisiting basic cybersecurity practices is encouraged. In addition to consulting with your own information and cyber security teams, there are several best practices we recommend reviewing:


1. Access controls
Review and revise employees access controls to networked devices as necessary (e.g., reflect any changes to roles, responsibilities, etc.)

2. Passwords
Update old passwords (e.g., administrator, community strings, etc.) according to your company policies or follow guidelines for password complexity.

3. Network environment and configurations
Make sure only necessary devices are connected and securely configured (e.g., image overwrite enabled, authentication required, disable unused ports, etc.) 

4. Software levels
Ensure you have the latest security related software releases/patches installed on your multifunction devices or printers. You can access security bulletins for your Xerox product and sign up for RSS feeds on the Product Security page.

Additional resource:
For more information how to configure your Xerox devices securely please refer to the Secure Installation or Security Guide for your model here. Please also refer to our “Helpful Tips to make your Xerox device more secure” for more on securing your Xerox device.