WannaCry and Petya ransomware spreading globally

WannaCry and Petya ransomware spreading globally
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WannaCry and Petya are malware that attack unpatched Windows systems, encrypt the files and demand a ransom to decrypt them.
What You Need To Know?
WannaCry and Petya take advantage of a weakness in the SMB file sharing protocol on Windows systems. Microsoft issued a patch, MS17-010, earlier in the year to address this vulnerability but a significant number of systems either did not install it or had the patch only partially installed. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of systems being rendered unusable. Xerox office products are not affected by this but some production systems will need to be checked to confirm the Microsoft patch has been installed.
What is Xerox Doing About This?
IT security is a priority at Xerox – for our business, for the connected technology which we enable, and for the services we provide to our clients globally. The recent ransomware attack, which has affected thousands of organisations worldwide, is a sharp reminder of why this is critical. These threats reinforce our practice of continually monitoring our IT infrastructure and ensuring security updates are applied immediately.

We want to inform you of the steps we have taken following the most recent ransomware outbreak. Xerox Global Security Services immediately issued a directive to patch every computer system within Xerox to ensure continued protection of our IT environment. Over the weekend we completed the patching of all our environments. We will continue to monitor the situation and act accordingly to protect our provisions of services to you both now and in the future.

For our systems that support our customers, we began efforts to address in a timely fashion external computer systems and environments shared with customers.

This ransomware prevents affected systems from operating and can spread rapidly in an organization.
What Should You Do?
Products that use a FreeFlow Print Server or EFI Fiery server with the Windows operating system or Wide Format products with the Windows operating system or users of Xerox software that run on Windows operating systems:
  • Customers should confirm that Windows Update is turned on and the MS17-010 patch has been installed.

Please contact your IT department if you have questions regarding the status of Microsoft’s patch and any additional steps you should take.