Thousands of office printers hit by “gibberish” malware

The Trojan.Milicenso malware is sending data to printers and multi-function devices which results in output of multiple pages of unintelligible characters which may cause the device to run out of paper. This malware can infect a workstation, laptop, or desktop computer if the user opens an e-mail attachment, visits a web site with the malware delivered there or downloads a file that appears to be audio or video codecs (encoders/decoders). The malware does not infect the Xerox print device. No actions or changes are needed for the Xerox print device.

Xerox recommends that users follow industry best practices and vendor recommendations to protect computer operating systems from malware and respond to infections.

Depending on the printer or multi-function device, if this malware prints using a specific paper tray, it may be possible to empty or disable that tray to stop paper waste.