Xerox Security Bulletin XRX18Y V1.0 (PDF 202.4K)

Xerox® WorkCentre® 3655*/3655i*/58XX*/58XXi*



*Multifunction Printer

**Color Multifunction Printer

SPAR Release R18-05

Xerox Security Mini Bulletin XRX17AN V1.0 (PDF 235.6K)

Xerox® WorkCentre® 3655*/3655i*/58XX*/58XXi* 59XX*/59XXi*/6655**/6655i**/72XX*/72XXi* 78XX**/78XXi**/7970**/7970i** Multifunction Printer Color Multifunction Printer SPAR Release

Xerox Security Mini Bulletin XRX17AL V1.0 (PDF 226.9K)

Xerox® WorkCentre® 3655/3655i/58XX/58XXi 59XX/59XXi/6655/6655i/72XX/72XXi 78XX/78XXi/7970/7970i MultiFunction Printer R17-09 SPAR Release

Xerox Security Mini Bulletin XRX16Q_V1.1 (PDF 213.6K)

Update with clarification of TLS 1.0 Disablement feature for WorkCentre 3655/3655i58XX/58XXi/59XX/59XXi/6655/6655i/72XX/72XXi/78XX/78XXi/ 7970/790i

Xerox Security Mini Bulletin XRX16AA_V1.0 (PDF 195.2K)

Contains fixes for many vulnerabilities on WorkCentre® 3655/3655i, 5845, 5855, 5865/5865i, 5875/5875i, 5890/5890i, 5945/5945i, 5955/5955i, 6655/6655i, 7220/7220i, 7225/7225i, 7830/7830i, 7835/7835i, 7845/7845i, 7855/7855i, 7970/7970i.

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX16-007 V1.3 (PDF 255K)

Patch fixes an error in authentication using cards could allow unauthorized access to user print jobs. This patch applies to ConnectKey devices.

Xerox Security Mini Bulletin XRX16L_V1.0 (PDF 128.8K)

This is valid for the following models:  WorkCentre 5845/5855/5865/5875/5890, WorkCentre 5865i/5875i/5890i,  WorkCentre 5945/5945i/5955/5955i, WorkCentre 7220/7220i/7225/7225i, WorkCentre 7830/7830i/7835/7835i, WorkCentre 7845/7845i/7855/7855i, WorkCentre 3655/3655i, WorkCentre 6655/6655i, WorkCentre 7970/7970i