Xerox Security Bulletin XRX12-007 V1.1 (PDF 1M)

Disable software upgrades by default

NOTE: This bulletin has been re-posted as an additional product, the WorkCentre 6015N/I has been included.

The Xerox Phaser 6010, Phaser 6125, Phaser 6128MFP, Phaser 6130, Phaser 6140, Phaser 6180, Phaser 6180MFP, Phaser 6280, Phaser 6500, WorkCentre 3045NI, WorkCentre 6015N/I and the WorkCentre 6505 were shipped with software upgrades enabled by default. The firmware release which changes this default can be downloaded via the links inside the bulletin document. These firmware solutions are classified as Moderate updates.

NOTE: If software upgrade had previously been disabled, software upgrade must be ENABLED on the device at the Local User Interface before this firmware version can be loaded.

Please follow the instructions starting on page 2 for each affected product to install these firmware solutions.