Why subscribe to RSS Feeds?

Security Bulletins and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds

Xerox recommends that customers keep their software levels up to date for optimal security. Xerox publishes Security Bulletins when vulnerability issues have been resolved in software or security related enhancements are added. There are three ways to access Security Bulletins:

  • Visit the Product Security website and choose the device model
  • Selecting the Security Bulletins link on the Product Security page and scrolling down the list
  • Signing up for RSS feeds (the recommended method to stay current)

Signing up for RSS feeds allows customers to be notified automatically of Xerox Security Bulletins as they are published. Staying informed about the most recent product Security Bulletins ensures that a networked print device is up to date with the latest fixes for vulnerabilities which have been resolved. In addition, new security features are sometimes added or existing ones enhanced.

Using RSS feeds allows the information to be retrieved by the RSS application of a customer’s choosing. Certain e-mail applications support RSS feeds, allowing delivery directly to an RSS inbox. There are various applications available however, which can be used to receive RSS feeds.

How to sign up: Access the link located on the Product Security page which says Feed for new security bulletins